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Onsite Vehicle Weighing & Scale Facilities

Are your worried that your vehicle or caravan/trailer maybe over its GVM  when you are all loaded up and ready to head out on your next 4WD adventure? Here at Statewide 4x4 we have onsite vehicle weighing facilities to put your mind at ease.
We have onsite the Longacre AccuSet Scales that are capable of weighing any vehicle up to 6.3 tonne. We can give you a variety of information regarding your vehicle including total weight, split axle weights and if required even corner weights.

If you want to make sure that you’re not driving an overloaded vehicle then give us a call and make an appointment to have your vehicle weighed! 


Our services & products cover all areas of 4x4 accessories, repairs, suspension and modifications for the offroading enthusiast. We are your complete 4x4 parts & service one stop shop!

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Want to come and visit but not sure where we are? Give us a call on the number below or take a look at our contact details for more information.

Phone. 03 9484 7838

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