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Torsion Bars

•   Thicker bar diameter than original to improve ride & handling.
•   Improving grain structure of steel to increase strength & durability.
•   Cold rolled splines to increase strength & durability.
•   Ironman 2 year / 40,000km Iron Clad Warranty.

Produced from thicker premium grade micro alloy steel, Ironman Torsion Bars feature cold forged spline ends, preset directional rotation, and have undergone the most extensive testing proceedure before completion. Ideally matched for the typical increase in accesory weight over the front of your vehicle.

Ironman Torsion Bars are thicker than standard torsion bars fitted as original equipment. Original equipment torsion bars are designed to carry the weight of the vehicle as designed by their manufacturer. The adjustment incorporated in torsion bar vehicles is not intended to be used to compensate for carrying additional load.

Additional 4x4 accessories such as a bull bar, winches and dual battery kit places enormous stress on standard torsion bars. Being uprated (thicker spring steel) Ironman torsion bars enhance ride comfort by controlling suspension travel whether carrying additional accessories or a full load of passengers. Ironman torsion bars will make your 4x4 safer while providing more comfortable cornering and braking efficiency. All Ironman torsion bars have upset forged ends and are pre set to minimise sag.




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